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Calvary Chapel Beachside is a non-denominational church focused on the study of God's word and believes in the authority of Scripture as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has been formed as a fellowship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Messages for 2016

Look Carefully How You Live
Sun, Jan. 1 Bert Almazan Ephesians 5:15-21
Love Came Down at Christmas
Sun, Dec. 25 Bert Almazan 1 John 4:7-10
What is your Song for Christmas
Sat, Dec. 24 Bert Almazan
Through the Bible
Wed, Dec. 21 Bert Almazan Isaiah 51
Christmas is about Salvation
Sun, Dec. 18 Bert Almazan Titus 3:1-7
Through the Bible
Wed, Dec. 14 Bert Almazan Isaiah 50
A Gift Wrapped in Grace!
Sun, Dec. 11 Bert Almazan Titus 2:11-15
Through the Bible
Wed, Dec. 7 Bert Almazan Isaiah 49
True Greatness in the Kingdom of God
Sun, Dec. 4 Bert Almazan Mark 9:30-50
Through the Bible
Wed, Nov. 30 Bert Almazan Isaiah 48
Do We Believe
Sun, Nov. 27 Bert Almazan Mark 9:14-29
The Cross Precedes the Glory
Sun, Nov. 20 Bert Almazan Mark 8:34-9:9
By Faith
Wed, Nov. 16 Steve Harrison Hebrews 1:1-19
We thank our God for you
Sun, Nov. 13 Bert Almazan Philippians 1:1-11
Through the Bible
Wed, Nov. 9 Bert Almazan Isaiah 46-47
Our God Rules
Sun, Nov. 6 Bert Almazan Daniel 4:30-37
The Cost of Discipleship
Sun, Oct. 30 Bert Almazan Mark 8:34-35
Through the Bible
Wed, Oct. 26 Bert Almazan Isaiah 45
Remember the Lord your God
Sun, Oct. 23 Bert Almazan Deuteronomy 8:1-20
The Transfiguration
Wed, Oct. 19 Matt Nakamoto Mark 9:1-10
Don't Waste your Dash
Sun, Oct. 16 Mark Spence James 4:14
Through the Bible
Wed, Oct. 12 Bert Almazan Isaiah 44:6-20
Who do you say that I am?
Sun, Oct. 9 Bert Almazan Mark 8:22-30
Through the Bible
Wed, Oct. 5 Bert Almazan Isaiah 44:1-5
Spiritual Blindness
Sun, Oct. 2 Bert Almazan Mark 8:10-21
Through the Bible
Wed, Sep. 28 Bert Almazan Isaiah 43
Jesus Knows our Needs
Sun, Sep. 25 Bert Almazan Mark 8:1-9
Through the Bible
Wed, Sep. 21 Bert Almazan Isaiah 42
Be Opened
Sun, Sep. 18 Bert Almazan Mark 7:31-37
Through the Bible
Wed, Sep. 14 Bert Almazan Isaiah 41
God's Report Card
Sun, Sep. 11 Don Stewart 1 Corinthians 3:10-15
Through the Bible
Wed, Sep. 7 Bert Almazan Isaiah 40:11-31
Lord, Help Me
Sun, Sep. 4 Bert Almazan Mark 7:24-30
Through the Bible
Wed, Aug. 31 Bert Almazan Isaiah 40:1-10
Worship in Spirit and Truth
Sun, Aug. 28 Bert Almazan John 4:24
Traditions of Men vs the Word of God
Sun, Aug. 21 Bert Almazan Mark 7:1-23
Do not be Afraid
Sun, Aug. 14 Bert Almazan Mark 6:45-56
Power through Prayer
Wed, Aug. 10 Bert Almazan Acts 4:23-33
Our God Provides
Sun, Aug. 7 Bert Almazan Mark 6:14-44
A Relationship of Encouragement & Obedience
Wed, Aug. 3 Jimmy Orate Colossians 3:20-21
Mission Minded Christians
Sun, Jul. 31 Bert Almazan Mark 6:7-13
A Relationship of Honesty and Devotion
Wed, Jul. 27 Phil Twente Colossians 3:22-4:1
The Sin of Unbelief
Sun, Jul. 24 Bert Almazan Mark 6:1-6
Do not be Afraid, Only Believe
Sun, Jul. 17 Bert Almazan Mark 5:35-43
A Relationship of Wisdom
Wed, Jul. 13 Pancho Juarez 1 Corinthians 1:12-2:16
The Power of Simple Faith
Sun, Jul. 10 Bert Almazan Mark 5:21-34
A Relationship of Love and Submission
Wed, Jul. 6 Dave Rolph Colossians 3:18-19
The House Built on the Rock
Sun, Jul. 3 Dr. Harold Sala Matthew 7:24-27
The Lord Builds the House
Wed, Jun. 29 Bert Almazan Psalm 127
Jesus Came to Set you Free
Sun, Jun. 26 Bert Almazan Mark 5:1-20
Through the Bible
Wed, Jun. 22 Bert Almazan Isaiah 38-39
Peace in the Storms of Life
Sun, Jun. 19 Bert Almazan Mark 4:21-41
Through the Bible
Wed, Jun. 15 Bert Almazan Isaiah 36-37
Parable of the Soils
Sun, Jun. 12 Bert Almazan Mark 4:1-20
Through the Bible
Wed, Jun. 8 Bert Almazan Isaiah 34-35
Are you in Jesus' family?
Sun, Jun. 5 Bert Almazan Mark 3:31-35
Through the Bible
Wed, Jun. 1 Bert Almazan Isaiah 33
The Unpardonable Sin
Sun, May. 29 Bert Almazan Mark 3:20-35
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 25 Bert Almazan Isaiah 31-32
The Calling of the Twelve Apostles
Sun, May. 22 Bert Almazan Mark 3:7-19
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 18 Bert Almazan Isaiah 30
Stretch out your hand
Sun, May. 15 Bert Almazan Mark 3:1-6
Bring Your Burdens to the Lord
Wed, May. 11 Ben Almazan 1 Samuel 1:1-20
A Victorious Mother
Sun, May. 8 Carl Westerlund 1 Samuel 1-2
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 4 Bert Almazan Isaiah 28:16-29:24
Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath
Sun, May. 1 Bert Almazan Mark 2:23-28
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 27 Bert Almazan Isaiah 28
Fasting or Feasting
Sun, Apr. 24 Bert Almazan Mark 2:18-22
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 20 Bert Almazan Isaiah 27
Jesus Friend of Sinners
Sun, Apr. 17 Bert Almazan Mark 2:13-17
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 13 Bert Almazan Isaiah 26
Your Sins are Forgiven
Sun, Apr. 10 Bert Almazan Mark 2:1-12
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 6 Bert Almazan Isaiah 25
One Day in the Life of Jesus
Sun, Apr. 3 Bert Almazan Mark 1:16-45
Easter 2016
Sun, Mar. 27 Bert Almazan Matthew 28:1-10
The Hands of Jesus
Sun, Mar. 20 Bert Almazan Luke 4:18-19
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 16 Bert Almazan Isaiah 23-24
Preparation for Service
Sun, Mar. 13 Bert Almazan Mark 1:1-15
Introduction - Gospel of Mark
Sun, Mar. 6 Bert Almazan Mark
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 2 Bert Almazan Isaiah 21-22:14
Finish the Race
Sun, Feb. 28 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 4:6-22
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 24 Bert Almazan Isaiah 18-20
Preach the Word!
Sun, Feb. 21 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 4:1-5
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 17 Bert Almazan Isaiah 17
Fully Equipped for Every Good Work
Sun, Feb. 14 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 2:1-17
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 10 Bert Almazan Isaiah 15-16
A Servant of the Lord
Sun, Feb. 7 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 2:20-26
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 3 Bert Almazan Isaiah 14
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Sun, Jan. 31 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 2:10-19
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 27 Bert Almazan Isaiah 13:1-5
Remember Jesus
Sun, Jan. 24 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 2:8
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 20 Bert Almazan Isaiah 11:6-12:6
Be Strong in Grace
Sun, Jan. 17 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 1:1-9
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 13 Bert Almazan Isaiah 10-11
Do not be Ashamed of the Gospel
Sun, Jan. 10 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 1:6-18
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 6 Bert Almazan Isaiah 9
Living Our Lives for Him
Sun, Jan. 3 Bert Almazan 2 Timothy 1:1-8